Road map

Curriculum Overview

Maxima English School aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for their journey in life. Curriculum based on CEFR level: Pre A1 to B2.

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Pre-elementary course, ages 5 to 7 years old. They learn phonics alongside blending.

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Elementary starter course which teaches phonics and basic English, from 1st grade to 4th grade.

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Learn basic skills to prepare for their journey of reading. PS-Bridge learn about sentence patterns through phonics, vocabulary, and reading materials.

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Students who are in this level continue to enhance their English skills. They focus on reading, listening, speaking and grammar. Their English level would parallel with 2nd grade students in the USA.

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They continue to learn important English skills while also learning strategic English writing skills.

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Their English level is maturing and they can read and understand well. They also can understand native speech and have good conversational skills in the topics they have learnt.

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They start to do public speaking and their English level as, an ESL student, is comparative with 5th grade Students in the USA.

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They not only focus on public speaking and writing essays but also start to prepare for middle school exams in advance.

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ATC (with more of a focus on speaking)

This curricurum is for the students who really wants to learn a high level of English. They will finish the middle school curriulum 3 years in advance. Also there is a focus on public speaking and essay writing.

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Middle school ATC

Middle school students who want to go to an International high school or want to master the middle school curriulum in advance. As well as those who want to focus on speaking and writing with native speakers.

Syllabus Preview

Although our students have Speaking classes, such as musical, theather, and public speaking, Oxford reading book materials like Oxford Discover can help improve all four skills too. Below are the Oxford Discover 2 book contents which will be learnt in PB.



Four Skills:  reading, writing, speaking and listening


They always have opportunities to talk in English and consolidate the words they have learned.