Maxima English School

A high quailty English academy specialised in elementary education.

Welcome to Maxima!

A fun place for children to grow their English language skills. We ensure that all English skills are included in our education. Speaking and listening, reading and writing. We also have a heavy focus on vocabulary and grammar. Our curriculum is built around Oxford University Press’ English learning books, which creates an immersive classroom environment. We believe that this allows for quicker learning, while keeping it a high quality.

Our immersive learning program, not only allows your children to learn all aspects of the language but also allows them to confidently use it as well. In our early years, we focus on phonics and simple sentences, while building up their reading skills. By the time they hit elementary school they will be confident readers and speakers! Throughout their elementary years we continue to expand their knowledge and build their confidence. When it comes to middle school, we still continue our immersive learning, while also focusing on those all important exams.